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[April 17, 2020]
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[February 07, 2020]
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[December 20, 2019]
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One of the best online games, no doubt, is the world famous Korean MMORPG - “Aion”. This skillfully created virtual world and a beautiful legend have fascinated fans of fantasy and computer battles around the globe. The success of the game lies in the stunning graphics, skillful distribution of the balance of forces, full control over the characters, their appearance and fate.

The game takes place on the once beautiful and perfect planet Atreus, where two races live in the Aion universe - Elyos and Asmodians. In ancient times they were people, but the disaster and the fall of the Tower of Eternity broke the familiar world into 2 parts: North and South, forever changing the world of the Elyos and Asmodians. The Elyos were still lucky: the life-giving light still fell on the southern part, their life underwent much less changes than the Asmodian. They got the cold northern wastelands filled with unknown creatures. And if the Elyos look like angels, then the Asmodians with their black claws and wings seem to be real incarnations of evil. But in the merciless war reigning on Atreus, one should not judge by appearance about motives and goals, because everything is much more complicated than it seems ...

Aion 3.5 “Tiamat Winners” in the actuality was significant for the players and the rapidly expected large-scale update. The changes made have expanded the game world and continued the development of the in-game plot. The update brought with it new locations, new tasks and adventures, an exciting battle with the Lord of the Balaur Tiamat. The update added a lot of other pleasant things to the game, including new craft recipes, mounts (mounts) and housing for the Daevas.

In brief, it is worth highlighting the main innovations of the game world from version 3.5:

  • Several new time zones have been introduced, including Fort Tiamat, the haven of Lord Balaur, the Ruined RuinsХаоса, Боевая Арена Patronage and Battle Arena of Glory.
  • Theobomos and Brusthonin are now available for invasion.
  • In Ingison and Kelkmaros, spatial faults have been added.
  • Added new routes for fast movements.

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TheAion is a reliable and responsible server for true connoisseurs of the game Aion and version [3.5]. Here you can truly discover your gaming potential and show what your character can do without cheating, donating and drawing.

A real live online. Only a live game, only your skills, only your victories by honest rules. Welcome to the harsh and beautiful game world of Atreia with the server "TheAion". Play with us! =)

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