Donate - is a voluntary donation of players in favor of the server, aimed at covering server expenses (domains, server rental, antidotes, anti-cheats, advertising costs, bonuses to employees). Donations are not refundable. In return for the contributions made, the administration of the TheAion server rewards players by crediting to the account in the game of donate-coins (for each 1 ruble one denominated coin is issued).

Donate come automatically in a few minutes after payment. If the payment was made and the donate did not arrive within 30 minutes, you need to write to support:

Coins can be spent in the Electronic Shop in the game (a guide on the shop RU and EN

and in the Bonus Shop in the personal account on the site (for example, you can purchase a Premium account that gives x2 per drop, kinaars for quests, rate of picking up fees and crafts, + 10% chance of critical crafting)

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