• Professional server hardware premium in Moscow
  • 24/7 server operation
  • Reliable protection against DDOS attacks
  • Powerful anti-cheat
  • Qualified Technical Support

About server:

  • Experienced Adult Administration
  • Strict adherence to server rules
  • Best build version 3.5
  • Maximum implementation of PvE and PvP content, with a bias towards PvE
  • Balanced economy
  • High complexity and low rates x1
  • Start "from scratch": achieve everything yourself!
  • Game equality and balance of all participants, donation does not affect the balance of power
  • Buyable electronic store
  • Premium account availability
  • Long-term server operation guarantee

Composition of regular accounts:

- Experience for mobs: x1
- Experience for quests: x1
- Drop: x1
- Gathering: x1
- Craft upgrade: x1
- Kinara for quests: x1
- Abyss Points x1

The composition of premium accounts:

- Experience for mobs: x2
- Experience for quests: x2
- Drop: x2
- Gathering: x2
- Craft upgrade: x2
- Kinara for quests: x2
- Abyss Points x1

We have created a reliable and responsible server for true connoisseurs of the game and version [3.5]. Here you can truly unleash your gaming potential and show what your character is capable of “without markups” and “donates”. Only a live game, only your skills, only your victories by fair rules! Welcome to the harsh and wonderful game world of Atrea with the “The Aion” server!

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